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Are you bored out of your freaking mind? That’s all about to come to an end. In this video, I will show you 20 cool websites that will make it easier for you to pass the time. Whether you’re simply just looking for a site to have some fun or want to explore interesting websites to fill the hours and maybe learn something new, we’ve got you covered.

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“Useful Websites” Playlist
“Amazing Websites” Playlist

**With limited space, the URL for each website is shown in the video. TIME STAMPS included below for your convenience.

0:23 Caffeine Calculator
1:12 A Place to Vent Your Feelings
1:31 Discover Hidden Gem TV Shows & Movies
1:59 Free Personality Test
2:30 Massively Multiplayer Online Game
3:04 Live Local Radio Worldwide
3:22 The Musical Time Machine
3:39 Age Statistics
4:10 Sliding Block Puzzle Game
4:39 The Musical Feline
5:01 Best Operating System Ever!?!?
5:46 Live Flight Tracker
6:08 Do-It-Yourself Projects
6:27 Machine Learning Research Project
6:55 The True Size of Countries
7:20 Game That Knows What You Are Thinking Of
7:40 Hearing Test
8:34 Discover Random Useful Websites
9:04 Discover Random Useless Websites
9:17 Discover Random Interactive Websites



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